weis welt­weit: here’s why

You need a com­pe­tent part­ner in trans­la­ti­on manage­ment who you can rely on to orga­ni­se and take care of your company’s trans­la­ti­on needs. We will hap­pi­ly trans­la­te and loca­li­se your docu­ments and, whe­re requi­red, take on any inter­pre­ting or lay­out work.

We will hap­pi­ly trans­la­te and loca­li­se your docu­ments and, whe­re requi­red, take on any inter­pre­ting or lay­out work.

weis welt­weit offers trans­la­ti­ons into all the major world lan­guages. A com­ple­te list can be found in our ser­vice over­view along with an extract from the list of exo­tic lan­guages we cover.

Our lar­ge pool of more than 300 nati­ve-speaker trans­la­tors and inter­pre­ters, along with our 25 years’ expe­ri­ence in trans­la­ting and lay­ou­ting, enab­les us to per­fec­t­ly ren­der the most chal­len­ging tech­ni­cal texts into the tar­get lan­guage. Our pro­fes­sio­nal ser­vice helps you dri­ve for­ward your key pro­jec­ts on an inter­na­tio­nal level.

At weis welt­weit, texts are usual­ly trans­la­ted by very expe­ri­en­ced, well qua­li­fied, sworn and/or gra­dua­te nati­ve speakers who work in their spe­cia­list are­as. They use their lin­gu­is­tic skills to care­ful­ly adapt the texts to the tar­get coun­try. A proofre­ader faith­ful­ly and com­pet­ent­ly checks the trans­la­ti­on based on the dual con­trol princip­le befo­re the text is sent back to the custo­mer as a hard­co­py or in digi­tal form.

The use of sta­te-of-the-art trans­la­ti­on memo­ry sys­tems ensu­res the con­sistent­ly high qua­li­ty of the out­puts, the homo­gen­ei­ty of the texts, and ulti­mate­ly, ensu­res that time is saved whilst kee­ping pro­duc­tion costs com­pa­ra­tively afford­a­ble.

Our pri­ces are usual­ly based on the scope of the trans­la­ti­on, the lan­guage pair, the spe­cia­list area, the pre­ci­se pur­po­se and, not least, the customer’s pre­fer­red deli­very date.

Email us at info@weis-weltweit.de for an obli­ga­ti­on-free quo­te.

We gua­ran­tee that you will recei­ve your all-inclu­si­ve quo­te wit­hin 24 hours and we also pro­mi­se a quick tur­naround time should you request a test trans­la­ti­on.

I sta­ke my repu­ta­ti­on on it.

Ute Weis
Sta­te-cer­ti­fied, offi­ci­al­ly appoin­ted and sworn trans­la­tor and inter­pre­ter